A New Video Marketing Strategy From Zarobki


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The people at Zarobki Publishing are thinking big in their latest product, a video for people who love “big families.” One of the very first people to test this new product has this to say:

My husband’s bad ideas and actions are really messing up our family life. I always tell him to listen to his wife when she talks about her feelings and wants, but it seems he doesn’t pay attention or even listens. What can I do to help?

“Dad I’m mad because I don’t know how to use CSS” is how my daughter started the email. I was not impressed. Sass and CSS are pretty much everywhere on the internet. Your kids probably have seen a dozen or so videos on YouTube and have even tried to write their own.

Content marketing and videos might be my favorite way to reach audiences that are usually not likely to buy your products or services. If you can create a quick, short video and put it on your website or blog that includes some good information that will make a new, real-life connection with a person (like a family member or co-worker) then you can still create an income from that person by using a content marketing system.

Some research shows that people want to know what you have to say. They don’t really care if you sound like a robot. Their question will be “Is this info valuable?” Once they have that information, they can decide whether or not they want to take it further.

I’ll give you an example of some information. Imagine having a family dinner with your wife, the new baby and your son and daughter. You could tell them all about how the baby developed and all the benefits and hardships the whole family has been through.

That information would be presented in a short video on your blog or website, and then another video for a bonus. People would start making new friends by joining your blog and family would be back together again! And all of this will happen for FREE!

This is exactly what Zarobki is trying to do. A while ago they created a video for a baby shower and included a couple of short video for some tips for moms-to-be and mother’s day. The result was a lot of traffic to their site.

The guys at Zarobki discovered that by combining video with sales copy in a short video called ZombiMom, they had a great way to get a lot of traffic to their site. They did this by creating the perfect video, with sales copy, and using it to attract as many visitors as possible. Then they followed up with another video that was completely unrelated to their product. Then they followed up with another video with sales copy and a bonus video to give more value to the visitors.

This is what content marketing looks like when you have a real audience with a real revenue potential. So don’t be afraid to go out and create a video!

If you’re looking for some more examples of a great use of Zarobki videos, check out the Web Master Blog. His post contains many examples of how to market your product by creating video for your web page and online website.

You can find this video creator at Zarobki’s website, in the YouTube video library. There are other examples of content marketing at Zarobki’s YouTube video library and at Life-coach.com. Zarobki’s CEO says the goal is to develop a “zoom-in-zoom-out” customer interaction for their customers.

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