Advantages and Disadvantages of Baidu Search Engine

advantages and disadvantages of baidu search engine

In recent years, Baidu has become a dominant player in the Chinese search engine market. With meaningful acquisitions and investments in research, it has branched out internationally while maintaining a core user base in the Chinese market. While it still holds a majority of the market, its shortcomings are not without precedent, including penalizing websites for advertising allegiance, censoring Chinese content posted abroad, and mixing paid and organic search results. In addition to the issues mentioned above, BIDU’s popularity and growth have been threatened by rivals such as Qihoo 360 Technologies.

BIDU has a reputation for immoral conduct

The BIDU search engine has been plagued with accusations of immoral conduct, such as the manipulation of health forum results. In one case, a man who died of cancer published a lengthy post on a Chinese website, accusing the search engine of a sponsored ad that promoted an expensive, but potentially ineffective, treatment. The post went viral, garnering condemnations for the search engine.

It is a mobile search engine

As a leading Chinese mobile search engine, Baidu is a great option for your advertising needs. With more than a billion users and a burgeoning mobile market, Baidu has a variety of advertising options to choose from. Baidu uses a pay for placement method to place ads. Companies bid for the first position in search results by selecting keywords and phrases and can choose from various levels of placement.

Currently, 93% of Baidu’s users live in China, its primary market. CEO Robin Li is moving the company beyond China to other markets, including Brazil. While starting operations in the country, Baidu has been aggressively expanding its presence in Indonesia, where mobile penetration is very high. Instead of simply introducing its search engine, the company is also importing popular Chinese apps. Furthermore, the company has launched pilot projects in Thailand and Egypt.

It has a label function

The Baidu search engine has a label function that displays various information about your query. For example, you might be looking for information about Wong Fei, a famous actress known for her role in the movie Chungking Express. Baidu’s sidebar display will provide you with essential information, as well as related celebrities. You can also use the label function to show the latest updates and information about the actress.

In addition to the label function, the Baidu search engine has several other features to make your search experience better. For example, it provides a good amount of images. However, compared to Google, Baidu’s image optimization is not as advanced. You must optimize the image URL and alt tags, and also include descriptive text to be visible in the Baidu SERP. Moreover, you may not be able to customize the label function as well as the title of your search results.

It has powerful filters

The Baidu search engine is an excellent choice if you want to make sure that your customers see the most relevant results. The search engine is simple to use and provides useful data. Users can find actionable insights on a variety of topics with its filters. Some of these are Historical & Forecasting Search Trend, Users’ Interests & Needs, Public Sentiment, and Regional Interests. Additionally, users can filter their results by region and see their entire search history.

The Baidu search engine prioritizes the results of websites hosted in China, and websites with only Chinese characters are more likely to appear in the search results. This is important for businesses targeting the Chinese market, as Baidu’s censorship laws may not allow some topics to be displayed. Google, meanwhile, does not participate in state-sponsored censorship. However, if you want your website to be viewed by Chinese people, you should avoid controversial topics and focus on targeting Chinese users only.

It has a dashboard

If you’re not a frequent user of Baidu’s search engine, you may not be aware of the dashboard that the company offers to webmasters. Baidu Webmaster Tools offers a simple dashboard, with only a few metrics exclusive to Baidu. The tool shows the top keywords for your site, from 1 to 10, to 21 and 30. It also calculates keywords ranking, taking into account search volume and impressions.

The tool is very easy to use – there’s only 1 button, and the platform will verify the site’s HTTPS status in a day. One of the biggest problems faced by Baidu SEOs is fake official websites. These websites are made by experienced black hat SEOs in China, who hunt for global brands that don’t make any SEO efforts in Baidu. They create fake official websites for the brands, and then try to sell them back to the companies for a profit.

It has a software tool called Baidu Business Bridge

If you want to take your business online, you should consider Baidu’s services. Baidu offers keyword suggestions and account management as well as performance reporting. Baidu’s software helps businesses improve their clickthrough rates by suggesting synonyms and associated phrases for keywords. These suggestions can increase the number of people who will click on their customer listings. The software provides daily reports of clickthroughs and statistical reports by geographical region. However, Baidu is not without controversy. In China, the company has been met with criticism.

The software can help you get traffic from China. For example, you can use Baidu’s encyclopedia to boost traffic to your site. To use Baidu’s encyclopedia, you must register your brand, products, and business name. After registration, you must go through a verification process. Unlike Google, verified Baike pages are regarded as more trustworthy. If you have a website that’s 100% in Chinese, your direct links on the homepage are sure to increase traffic to your website.

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