Baidu SEO 101 Podcast – On-Page Optimization and Alt Text Optimization

baidu seo 101 podcast

The first episode of the Baidu SEO 101 podcast focuses on the basics of On-page SEO. The podcast then moves on to on-page image optimization, Alt text optimization, and Sitemaps. The show is a great resource for anyone interested in SEO, and is definitely worth checking out. We also discuss the importance of a good meta description, which is necessary for ranking well on Baidu. And since we all know that Meta descriptions are vital for Google, you may want to create one for your website too.

On-page optimization

You may have heard of the Baidu SEO 101 podcast. Using on-page optimization to boost your website’s search engine ranking is crucial to success in China. The Baidu algorithm prioritizes on-page content over off-page factors. For example, websites that are updated regularly and have completely renewed content rank higher on Baidu’s SERPs. Additionally, websites with clear navigation and a flat hierarchical structure are easier to understand for the Baidu Spider and by your audience. On-page SEO is all about making sure your users have an excellent experience and read relevant content.

On-page optimization on Baidu is similar to that of Google. However, because Baidu targets a Mainland Chinese audience, it provides preferential treatment to sites in the country. This means that if you want to rank well on Baidu, you must first optimize your website in Chinese. English-language sites will not rank well, even if they are optimized for Chinese keywords. Luckily, there are plenty of resources available to learn on-page optimization and make it work for you.

Image optimization

Using alt descriptions for your images is essential to ranking well on Baidu. Baidu relies on image URLs as one of its ranking factors. They should contain at least one primary keyword and one branded term. The length of the alt description can range from 50 to 300 characters. Image URLs should be optimized for the Baidu search engine and should contain your target keyword or phrase. Listed below are some image optimization techniques that will increase your image ranking on Baidu.

Optimizing your images for Baidu is a powerful way to gain organic traffic. While Baidu will not link to a 3rd party website, a high ranking in Baidu images can direct organic traffic to your webpage. And since Baidu properties don’t link out, it is easy to do. For the rest of us, image optimization can seem complicated, but it’s actually very easy! Image optimization on Baidu is a must-have for attracting organic traffic to your website.

Alt text optimization

Adding Alt text to your images can improve your search engine optimization ranking. Alt text is a descriptive text that helps people understand your image. Baidu uses Alt text to rank images. Whenever possible, include one or two keyword phrases, as well as a branded term. Alt text is limited to 78 simplified Chinese characters. Use the name of the product or item you’re trying to promote in your Alt text. If your image doesn’t contain any words, don’t use it.


Google, Bing, and Baidu are a few of the search engines that support sitemaps. Sitemaps help search engines find your website. Basically, sitemaps are a list of all pages on your website. The sitemap links will appear on each page of your website, typically in the footer or sidebar. Some of the more interactive platforms like Facebook or Twitter use sitemaps to measure social authority.

When it comes to ranking high on search engines, sitemaps are an essential part of any SEO strategy. They make your website easy to navigate and recognizable to search engines. A sitemap is particularly important for websites with large amounts of content. Here are some of the benefits of sitemaps. Once you’ve implemented a sitemap on your website, you’ll see a dramatic increase in your traffic.