Chemistry Teacher TikTok Videos

Tim Piasecki, an Assistant Professor at the University of California, Riverside, loves watching science videos on TikTok. He decided to make some of his own and incorporate the platform into his classroom. The class has about 300 students, so he decided to give extra credit for the students’ videos. He found that 65% of the students produced a video explaining a basic concept in chemistry. The response was overwhelming, and he hopes that more students will take up chemistry.

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There are many chemistry TikTok videos on YouTube. One popular video has been viewed over 13 million times. The creators of this video say that they use the app to meet other young people, and they hope to inspire them to learn more. According to TikTok, 41% of users are between 16 and 24 years old. You can watch some of these videos below! You can also follow them on Twitter or Facebook.

Other chemistry teachers are using TikTok for educational purposes as well. The videos created by Brandon Piasecki aren’t as polished as those by Phillip Cook, but they’re still a good source of inspiration. While Piasecki’s videos are a little less polished than Cook’s, they are nonetheless useful. They’re short explanations and demonstrations of chemistry concepts. Like flash cards, these explainers can help kids learn.

Another chemistry teacher using TikTok is Phillip Cook. His videos make learning chemistry fun and accessible. The channel has over 13 million subscribers, which makes it easy to find new viewers. However, the content isn’t entirely educational and should only be used by those with an interest in chemistry. If you’d like to watch a chemistry-related video, make sure to subscribe to his channel. If you’re looking for more educational videos, check out his channel.

Another chemistry teacher using TikTok is Brandon Piasecki. His videos aren’t as polished as those made by Cook, but they’re still great for demonstrating chemistry concepts. His videos aren’t the most informative, but they’re still worth watching. With the help of the app, he has become an extremely popular chem teacher. This kind of content is a great way to reach a broad audience.

There are also many other chemistry teachers who use TikTok to share their science videos. The chemistry channel chemclassrules has a video called “chemical traffic light” that has received over seven million views. While it’s not as polished as Cook’s videos, it’s still worth watching for its educational value. While these videos are not polished, they’re excellent examples of how to use the app for educational purposes.

Another chemistry teacher, Brandon Piasecki, has created a video for the TikTok app called “chem.tok.” This video has over 13 million views and is popular with young people. Despite its popularity, the chemistry tiktok community isn’t the only group that has embraced the app. It is an amazing way to interact with a wide range of people and to spread your message to a global audience.

The videos are popular among young people, but the chemistry TikTok community is growing rapidly. For example, a video by Phillip Cook has more than one million views, while a video by @melscience is a favorite of the physics teacher. Interestingly, a chemistry tiktok video demonstrates the chemical reaction between a candle and water. The squirting candle makes a glowing flame underwater.

The videos are popular among young people because they are made by teenagers who have not taken chemistry classes. Those who do are likely to find the videos entertaining, and they may be able to meet new friends through them. Whether you are interested in chemistry or not, there are thousands of TikTok users who make videos. The content is free, but the creators must pay to post the videos. A chem tiktok video can only be viewed once.

Despite the fact that there are several chemistry-themed videos posted on TikTok, the content is largely non-commercial. But, the most popular videos on the site are made by celebrities. Some people use the platform to teach science to their friends. They can also share their videos on social media. And if you’re a chem tiktok enthusiast, you can join the discussion in the comments section below.

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