Google AdWords Is Proving Its Worth As An Internet Marketing Tool


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We have just heard about the Google SEO Godaddy’s new ad product, a “Service Discovery” program. The “Service Discovery” will allow each of the top advertisers to monitor the performance of each of their ads. For example, if an advertiser is promoting the Star Wars movie with an ad, it would be nice to know if that ad was getting picked up by a website that is related to the movie.

The GCD program may not work for every company, but it is very interesting and Google knows this. They are keeping their eyes on how this will work out and the benefits that it brings to their Adwords business.

The Google SEO Godaddy wants to do the right thing for their AdWords advertising business and he wants to be transparent about it so that you can make informed decisions about AdWords’ overall strategy. I believe the right decision is to get out of the data-gathering phase and move to a more holistic approach.

AdWords was never designed to collect data. Google never did any studies to see how many clicks were going on in any given month. Google is simply not equipped to collect information on ad clicks and instead has decided to use various third parties to do the job for them.

If Google just took over the task of collecting this type of data then it would be easier for them to come up with more refined algorithms for your AdWords campaign. However, they don’t have a clue what is going on and neither do any of the agencies that help them.

For the most part, there isn’t much more information that you can find about the Google Search Marketing Team than what you can find about yourself. The first question you should ask them is; “Do you have the right people working for you?”

This is what the SEO Godaddy is trying to get across and this is why his team and his marketing team are trying to work together more closely. Google wants to have better information about what AdWords is doing and how they can improve on the service.

The SEO Godaddy wants to take the opportunity to evaluate how his service actually works and he wants to get to the bottom of it all. No one wants to spend their time arguing with the search marketing staff in Google, so the SEO Godaddy is stepping back from the whole AdWords project.

There is some concern in the SEO community that if the Google AdWords team moves forward and doesn’t review the way they advertise and how they deliver ads to end users, then they may accidentally say something that will hurt their sales. And Google is the number one search engine online, but Google is not in the advertising business.

The SEO Godaddy is saying that the AdWords team will have to do a complete evaluation of the ads that they are sending out. It won’t be easy, but at least the Google AdWords team will finally get to the bottom of how the ads are doing in their search engine results pages.

Ads that fail are not going to get picked up and those that pick up will only be showing up when the user types in the search term “salesperson”online computer repairmen”. It is definitely going to take a while for the system to catch up with what they have done, but Google knows that and the Google SEO Godaddy knows this.

The SEO Godaddy knows that Google doesn’t have the data to make any informed decisions about their AdWords campaigns. However, the SEO Godaddy knows that if the Google AdWords team wants to continue using these third party AdWords companies to monitor the performance of their campaigns, then they are going to have to stop sending their ad campaign data directly to them.

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