How to Grow Your List With the Content Marketing Pyramid

The Content Marketing Pyramid is the best way to start when you are looking for ways to grow your e-mail list and get more traffic to your website. Many people want to start with the pyramid but many are not sure of where to begin or even how to do it.

the content marketing pyramid

Content Marketing is a growing industry and the basics of getting started is to have something on your website that has value to people. With this you can attract visitors, which leads to more traffic and eventually more sales.

When you are creating your e-mail list, you need to provide them with valuable information. This helps the list become a long lasting relationship that lasts a lifetime. It’s important to make this connection with your potential customers and they will always be able to connect with you, once they hear the information you are giving them.

It’s also important to send out a newsletter to your subscribers every so often to keep them updated. You should also offer a contest on your web site for a chance to win some free stuff. The free stuff might not be very valuable but the readers will appreciate the chance to win something nice.

Once the list is established, it is important to maintain it with regular emails to ensure they understand what is happening on your web site. This will keep the interest and provide them with good information and some other free stuff as well.

It’s also important to get on social media sites and make your link available to the world. Many people are using Facebook, Twitter and others in their marketing campaign. Social media gives you a chance to connect with your potential customers and get them talking about your products and services.

The last way to grow your list is to create content and keep the readers coming back to your site. Your articles need to be interesting and entertaining, and if you have a unique product or service, they will come back to read more.

Don’t forget to submit your articles to article directories and you will get back links back to your site. This is a powerful way to help your e-mail list grow and get traffic to your website.

You should also encourage your visitors to sign up with your email list as well. You don’t want the same old traffic that comes and goes, so this will add fresh and loyal visitors to your site.

Content Marketing is easy and you can do it on your own or hire someone to do it for you. Most new websites have created content management systems that help you do it online and do it well.

You can save money by hiring a company and they can take care of everything in real time and in their own way. Or you can use the simplest method of creating content yourself, which will help your list grow with your company and the services you offer.

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