How to Optimize Baidu SEO for Simplified Chinese

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When it comes to ranking organically on Baidu, you have to choose your keywords wisely. Although the SERPs are full of rich snippets, you can still rank high organically with long tail keywords. For example, if someone types in the name Jackie Chan, Baidu shows three organic results on page one. Baidu’s own properties also show up in the top three listings. You should use long tail keywords whenever possible.

50-300 characters

When attempting to rank for Chinese keyword search terms, the best way to make your site stand out is to write in the language of your target market. Specifically, Chinese content must be written in simplified Chinese by a native speaker. Baidu uses meta keywords and descriptions. Although these keywords are often ignored by Google, Baidu does use them and considers them useful. They contain both your primary and secondary keywords. In addition to being important to Baidu, your website’s content needs to have a good amount of information and be updated on a regular basis.

Meta description length on Baidu is similar to Google’s, so you should be able to incorporate your primary and secondary keywords within this space. Your description should be between 50 and 300 characters long. Make sure you include your target keyword in your alt tag. Images must also be optimized for Baidu, and the alt tag must be translated into Simplified Chinese. Make sure that the alt tag is descriptive and includes the target keyword.

Simplified Chinese

Although the Baidu search engine supports the traditional Chinese language, it still prefers the simplified version. In fact, some Chinese websites tend to rank higher than those with traditional Chinese text. If you’re unsure of whether your site is optimized for simplified Chinese or not, consult a native speaker of the language for advice. Using automated translation services or in-house Chinese interns may do more damage than good. Listed below are tips for optimizing Baidu SEO for simplified Chinese.

Optimize your title tag for Baidu. Although the characters for the title tag are shorter than on Google and Yahoo, you should still include keyword-rich phrases and a branded term in the title tag. The meta description, meanwhile, is still important on Baidu and should contain one or two keyword phrases or a branded term. The meta description length should be between 200 and 800 Chinese characters. Baidu does not allow meta keyword density higher than 20%, so make sure your content is naturally written.


The first step to optimize your Baidu SEO images is to use proper alt text and meta keywords. Baidu uses meta keywords to determine image rankings and it is vital to use unique alt text on all pages. While keyword stuffing is bad, it is necessary to write alt text for human readers. Always write for human beings, not robots. People with visual impairments use alt text to find images and understand what they’re looking at.

Baidu is now including thumbnail images on its SERP. These images also require the use of alt-text (alt-text is used to identify images). Using alt-text will help Baidu process the image, increasing click-through rate and encouraging high rankings. However, there are some caveats when using images in Baidu SEO. As with Google, it is important to optimize alt-text. If your images are not optimized, you could end up getting penalties.

Alt text

When optimizing for Baidu, you’ll need to incorporate meta keywords and descriptions. Baidu allows a maximum of 200 characters for these, but you should also use title tags and alt text. Listed below are some tactics to boost your Baidu rankings. Keep in mind that Baidu doesn’t rank images, but it does rank pages. You must use alt text and metadata to make your images visible on the Baidu search results.

First, make sure your alt text includes relevant keywords. Baidu spiders use the content in the ALT attribute to determine image rankings. Unlike Google, Baidu spiders read the ALT text to determine image rank. Make sure your alt text is written in natural language, and do not use phrases like “image of.”

Hosting in China

If you want to optimize your Baidu SEO performance, you must make sure that your site is hosted in China. The Chinese government is very strict about the use of the internet. Therefore, it is necessary to acquire an ICP license before your website can be hosted in China. You can also avoid being blocked by the government by using a Chinese web hosting company. For your sake, you should get an ICP license for your website as it is a requirement of legitimate hosting companies in China.

If you’re not a native Chinese speaker, you can try to host your website in China. It will boost your page speed and authority. The best part is that Chinese servers are friendly to Baidu, so relocating your site from a shared server to a dedicated or virtual private server is not a difficult task. For your site to get top Baidu rankings, it’s best to opt for a dedicated or virtual private server.