How to Optimize Your Website for the Baidu Search Engine

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How do you optimize your website for the Baidu search engine? There are some key factors you should focus on. These include backlinks, mobile-friendliness, site speed, domains. Follow these steps to improve your website’s search visibility. You’ll be surprised at how easy it is. Then, you can go on to create a strategy to increase your site’s traffic and conversions.


There are a few important things to remember when optimizing your website for Baidu SEO engine. Baidu’s image processing is not as sophisticated as Google’s, which makes the alt-text for your images incredibly important. Additionally, Baidu’s algorithm is not as effective at detecting link spam as Google’s, which makes it susceptible to manipulation by link spammers. Regardless of which of these factors are most important for your website, there are a few simple steps to follow to ensure your site receives high-quality Baidu SEO engine backlinks.

Baidu’s algorithm rewards authoritative websites with good quality backlinks, so it’s important to build backlinks to such sites. If you want to achieve high rankings, you should target Chinese language websites with relevant content. Baidu also prioritizes links from well-linked websites, which indicate that your page is relevant to Chinese users. If you’re looking to improve your rankings in the Chinese market, consider buying Baidu SEO engine backlinks.


If you want your website to be indexed by Baidu, make sure it is mobile-friendly and uses the “a” tag to optimize the structure of internal pages. Baidu does not crawl JavaScript or Flash, so you should avoid them. HTML is also preferred for mobile versions. Use good marketing and you’ll be well on your way to a successful Baidu ranking. In addition to the “a” tag, make sure you optimize your content for mobile.

It’s not enough to have a responsive website. The Chinese are mobile-first! Over 95% of internet users in China use smartphones to browse the web. Websites that are not mobile-friendly receive a lower ranking on Baidu, and their mobile users are likely to bounce. To avoid this, make sure your mobile site packs essential information above the fold and minimizes scrolling and clicking text links. Then, optimize your content for both mobile and desktop users.

Site speed

One way to improve the speed of your site with Baidu is to host it in a neighboring country. This is not only faster, but also cheaper. Chinese people use smartphones more than desktop computers, so you’ll want your site to be mobile friendly. If it doesn’t look good on mobile devices, you’ll be penalized by Baidu in 2015.

Another way to improve the speed of your site with Baidu is to make it load faster. The Baidu SEO engine prioritizes sites with page load speeds of at least two seconds. This means that a site that takes longer to load is less likely to rank well in Baidu’s results. Also, avoid using Flash, JavaScript, iFrames, and other non-standard code. Try using spider simulators to check how accessible your site is to the crawlers.

.cn domains

While it is possible to optimize for the Chinese search engine using SEO techniques, Baidu’s bots are not as powerful as Google’s. Therefore, if you’re using Baidu for domain, you should avoid placing your keywords near the top of the page. Instead, you should use a local agency to help you obtain a domain. Furthermore, you should avoid using multiple domains, including sub-domains, as Baidu doesn’t favor them.

It is important to understand China’s Internet rules and regulations. In particular, Chinese websites are required to get an ICP license and Bei’An license. Obtaining these licenses is both difficult and costly. However, obtaining an ICP license is a great way to improve your Baidu SEO engine domains. By using an ICP license, you can avoid potential legal problems and prevent yourself from being penalized.

Quality of links

In recent years, Baidu’s SEO engine has made strides toward improving the quality of links to websites. However, the quality of links is not the only factor in its algorithm. The number of high-quality external links is also important. Baidu values links from governmental websites and Baidu services. Baidu, which is like a Chinese Yahoo “question and answer” website, encourages SEO companies to post content on its services.

Chinese content is also important for Baidu. Chinese dialects and foreign languages do not have high search engine rankings. Also, Baidu spiders do not recognize iFrame content or Flash. If you have a website in Chinese, you should focus on localized Chinese content. Ideally, you should have eight to twelve pages of content, but don’t try to squeeze as much content as possible into them. And remember, quantity is not better than quality.