Keep these in mind when you set your SEO goals and you should be able to get started. Always remember that with enough focus and time, your goal should be reached by year’s end. What Are Your SEO Goals?


seo goals

When you are first getting into online marketing, you may not be aware of SEO goals. The best way to start though is by listing your business goals as well as the ideal market you want to serve.

Then list the various ways you plan to reach your target market. Again these include search engine optimization, social media optimization, article marketing, and web hosting optimization.

Now take some objective research and do a little homework to come up with your SEO goals. These are:

o Objective Research: You need to have the research completed for you. This will help you narrow down your choices.

o Keyword Density: The density of keywords is very important when it comes to search engine optimization. When you use a keyword that is too little you may not get the amount of traffic you desire.

o Search Engine Optimization: SEO, or search engine optimization, refers to all the different methods used to drive targeted traffic to your website. SEO can mean different things to different people.

o Backlink Optimization: There are a number of factors used to determine how many backlinks your site has. You also need to have the actual site in question submitted to some sites to get some backlinks.

o Pagerank: It doesn’t mean you need to go with a billion-dollar company, but there is definitely a need to go higher up in the page one position for the search engine to see your page. That doesn’t mean you have to be as flashy as Google, but the higher the page ranking the more traffic you will get.

o Backlink Optimization: This involves writing articles to get your site ranked in the “relevant” category of the search engines. Of course you will want to be strategic about this.

o Web Hosting: This is used to get links to your site from other sites. If you have articles on related topics then it is worth your while to submit these to a site that has an active community.

o Social Media Optimization: This is used to build links to your site from other social networking sites. The more you can build the network the better.

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