Rolex Content Marketing

rolex content marketing

Volterra (2019) identifies Twitter as a pillar of Rolex content marketing. The Swiss watchmaker interacts with users on Twitter and posts pictures of events and ambassadors to convey a message of quality, excellence, and success. The rolex ambassadors have millions of followers and transmit the brand’s message. The goal is to engage customers and generate social shares to further increase revenue. However, content marketing requires a plan that aligns with company goals.

Infographic attracted thousands of social shares

Recently, an iconic brand, Rolex, created an infographic that received thousands of social shares. Its image-rich content conveyed the brand’s high quality and attracted thousands of social shares. The company’s social media channels include Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube, so it makes sense for the brand to engage with fans in this manner. Although Rolex has been in the luxury watch business for centuries, the company has only recently taken content marketing into a new level. Its visual assets convey a high level of brand quality and a sense of exclusivity.

After creating the infographic, prepare at least eight to ten snippets of key facts. Then, queue up a few posts to share on social networks. The social media promotion can generate additional traffic to your infographic by securing social shares from influential people. Often, influencers have thousands of followers who can amplify your content and share it on their own social channels.

Another way to increase your social media reach is to post your infographic on high-quality websites with relevant content. Blogs with high-quality content have an advantage over niche sites because they can promote your content. In addition to attracting thousands of social shares, infographics can help your website rank better in Google. Although social shares have no direct impact on search performance, they help send signals to Google that your content is useful and interesting.

Attracted more than 6 billion site visits

There is a lot of mystery surrounding Rolex. However, if you were to take a closer look at the company, you would notice that the Swiss brand uses content marketing to reach its target audience and inspire a movement. The brand’s marketing strategy is based on quality content, SEO, and various category pages. The brand uses strategic keywords that are searched countless times daily by potential customers with transactional intent.

The GE InstaWalk campaign is a prime example of influencer marketing. This brand tapped into the power of Instagram and Facebook influencers to attract millions of followers and ultimately, billions of sales. Rolex is also leveraging content beyond sales pages and blog posts. It spends time curating high-quality images that tell a story. Images often say more than words.

Attracted thousands of social shares

Thousands of social shares and thousands of likes are the result of content marketing, and Rolex’s video marketing strategy is proof of that. Rolex produces stunning product videos, featuring their watch collections in more detail. Videos are also a great way to highlight the luxury of the brand, showcasing the watch’s intricate details and aspirational nature. In fact, 55 per cent of content marketers prioritize visual content for 2016 or beyond.

The company’s marketing strategy has worked because it focuses on the brand’s customer base. For instance, the brand has published letters from customers dating back to the 1950s, a time before social media. Despite all of the changes that have occurred in the world since, the Rolex brand still remains strong and reflects timelessness. To get more social shares and likes, Rolex should rethink its content marketing strategy.

The brand’s target audience is the wealthy. The word “Rolex” is synonymous with wealth, influence, and success. Therefore, the designers of Rolex products know that they are marketing to people who want to show off their status and wealth. Therefore, their content marketing strategy should reflect these same characteristics. It is important to remember that people love reliable data and infographics, and this is especially true when it comes to social media.