SEO 2020 – How to Make 2020 Better Than 2020


seo 2020 predictions

As a professional in the field of search engine optimization, I’m often asked about SEO 2020 predictions. In most cases I respond that no one can predict how things will play out in the future, but that it is my contention that things will be better in many areas than they are today.

My thinking goes like this: search engines have made huge advancements in their algorithms over the past few years. They recognize contextual relevance and use of anchor text, rich snippets, and other newer techniques.

To be really clear, I’m not saying these improvements aren’t good, or that SEOs shouldn’t continue to refine their efforts. Instead, I’m arguing that SEOs should have confidence that their long-term efforts will produce measurable results. That’s a big jump from what the industry was doing just a few years ago.

The next ten years will see a lot of changes and developments that will make multi-channel optimization and other forms of pay-per-click more prominent. So my SEO 2020 predictions are more along the lines of “we’ll probably see more change, but it’ll be in directions we’re already seeing.”

One area I expect to see growth is on the topic of SEM and search engine optimization. A decade ago, many companies and people thought that SEM would be the wave of the future.

Now, SEM and search engine optimization are so powerful that almost anyone with a website can rank high in Google and other major search engines. If you have not worked in the arena, you are missing an incredible opportunity.

My SEO 2020 predictions also include “quality content” as a major focus. Websites have been writing articles and copy for years to draw traffic, but there is new competition for these efforts. Content has been the most reliable way to generate traffic in the past, and it remains so today. In fact, I’m betting that more sites will use their content as a major traffic generating tool than ever before.

SEOs still have a ways to go, but the list of challenges has been reduced significantly. And with all the benefits that come with “organic” traffic, a lot of the industry has moved on to organic links, which is a less significant issue.

The other area I expect a lot of SEOs to work on in the next ten years is the development of website hosting. It’s no secret that web hosting still makes up a huge portion of the cost of many websites.

Hosting solutions such as shared hosting are still a simple solution that isn’t getting much attention today. Some business owners don’t even realize they have a need for these services.

This means that SEOs will be calling the shots as companies continue to evolve and adapt to new requirements. Web hosting will be one of the more visible areas of SEO progress in the next decade.

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