SEO 411 – Learn the Basics of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Online


seo 411

Aspiring online marketers need SEO 411 if they want to understand the latest internet marketing trends. You will be overwhelmed by all the new terms and marketing buzzwords, so it’s important to master what SEO is and what it isn’t. Online marketing through the web involves integrating the promotion of your business into search engine results, so that when people search for your business on Google, Yahoo, or MSN, you’re at the top of the list.

You will be learning about the processes that go into developing a successful SEO strategy. Take a look below to see some tips you can use right away:

Choose a niche with proven appeal and drive traffic to the affiliate programs and websites that offer products that your target market would be interested in buying. For example, if you are selling shoes, then why not sell boots? Your site may also feature a shoe image and description, along with products like boots and sandals.

Use keywords in the titles of your web pages. The majority of people who visit the web have only a limited amount of time they can spend on each page. To ensure that they will remember the keyword or keywords, insert them into the title of the page. Keywords help build traffic by drawing visitors to your site.

Analyze your site to find out which keywords or key phrases are attracting the most traffic to your site. You can do this by searching for these terms in Google, Bing, or Yahoo, or through the search engines that are accessible through your computer.

Submit your site to search engines, such as Google, to generate content for blogs and sites. This will allow you to have links back to your website and therefore draw traffic to your site. You can submit the site content to article directories or link backs to your blog or website.

Submit your site to online directories, where your online audience can find your articles and other written content. You can also write and submit articles to EzineArticles, who focuses on online publishing. EzineArticles is a great place to submit a bio and information about yourself, and the article will be available for you to distribute to others in your niche.

Combine your online site with social media websites, and add social interaction to your site. For example, instead of writing a blog on your website and publishing it to all of your social media sites, you can publish it to Facebook and Twitter.

Many online marketers to post information about the products they sell on their site as well as email people who have questions. If you post questions and answers in your blog, this will increase your online exposure is a key component of the popularity game.

Create a number of quality blogs within your niche, and add comments to those that you have published. This will allow you to build up a readership, and engage in discussions with your loyal readers.

Spend time building links to your blog with your directories, social sites, and blogs. This will allow you to have links back to your site and keep the traffic coming to your site, and if you have a search engine optimized site, it will bring you traffic as well.

The links you create will attract your reader and will provide you with expert advice on the product that you sell. If you provide unbiased, useful, informative content, then you have already won half the battle.

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