SEO Vs SMO – The Difference


The popular discussion of SEO vs SMO seems to point towards two similar attributes. But can the difference be explained in terms of its impact on your website’s success? Let’s see if we can discover more about these two approaches.

seo vs smo

SEO refers to search engine optimization. It basically involves employing techniques that assist the search engines (like Google and others) in determining the relevancy of a particular website to what is being searched for. There are plenty of search engine optimization methods that you can employ, but most web masters generally agree that two types of methods to rank among the most effective. These are article marketing and keyword research.

SMO on the other hand involves how a website presents itself to the public in terms of its coding, code, and metadata. More web developers are attempting to make their websites as search engine friendly as possible through specific coding or by applying more efficient techniques to the way they code their pages.

And both these methods can be used simultaneously by a website owner and SEO expert. A specialist in SEO can simply change a single part of the code to be more consistent with the elements on the page and vice versa.

The issue with SEO vs SMO is that the results of both methods are not always so obvious to everyone. If you examine a site that is made up of many individual components, it can be difficult to determine which one is SEO and which one is just a clever use of a code or other technique. Some code structure might be SEO but not always. If your goal is to create a quality website, you can take advantage of the changes that the search engines make.

For instance, the rules for the SE and the SMO vary from one search engine to another. Google for example requires that certain codebe present on every page on a website that displays its ranking. However, some search engines like Yahoo require that the entire site is covered by a specific code before they will show the page’s ranking.

To make sure that you do not get penalized for an SEO or a SMO method, you should keep track of what changes the search engines require from you. This way, you can create your own SEO structure without having to worry about violating the SEO code of conduct.

One more thing that successful internet marketers have in common is that they apply SEO and SMO tactics simultaneously. This means that the rankings of a site would improve with several changes. With a few tweaks, even the most obscure pages on a website can be indexed by the search engines.

Apart from this, using SEO and SMO together means that your websites are also optimized in a way that the engines can see that it is search-engine friendly. As a result, you can improve the ranking of your site by applying multiple SEO methods that complement each other.

The reason why many websites get penalized for the use of both SEO and SMO is that it is easier for them to accidentally violate the rules of search engines. One example is when a user searches for the term “Halloween costumes” on Google and the website that are being optimized is a costume website. The search engine will look at the term and see that the website that the user is looking for is definitely a Halloween site.

This is because the website uses similar keywords, thus the use of SEO and SMO is not intentional. The code being used in the website also does not have the search engine’s intent in mind, so the code is not compliant with the search engine’s guidelines. So, the search engine will not allow the website to be displayed on the first page of results.

To avoid this, it is best to not only apply SEO but also maintain consistency in all areas of your website. Although some SEO methods are helpful to certain elements, they can still result in severe penalties in the search engine rankings.

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