The Four Stages of the Content Marketing Process


Most companies choose a ‘content marketing’ approach to their overall marketing strategy to build their brand, increase page views and generally improve sales. But there is no ‘one size fits all’ content marketing process, just as there is no ‘one size fits all’ website design.

content marketing process

With this in mind, you need to build your content marketing process based on the type of content you wish to create and with the marketing goals that you wish to achieve. Let’s look at the four basic stages of the content marketing process:

o The first stage is to identify your general business objective. This stage should be about generating ideas for your website and creating a clear direction and idea of what the business is all about. Make sure that you are writing using these three core keywords in your content so that your audience can easily find it when they search the web.

o The second stage is to identify the market or audiences you want to target for your products and services. Knowing who you are trying to reach will greatly reduce the time and effort that is required to find relevant traffic. Also, when you do have good ideas about the audience you want to target, then you know what types of keywords to use in order to attract them.

o The third stage is to narrow down your focus by segmenting your audience into those categories that are likely to buy what you are selling. Here, you will begin to determine which customers are likely to purchase your product, service or give their opinion on your brand. Once you have decided which audience to target, the next step is to research for key words to be used in your content that are related to your chosen market segment. Again, make sure you have this in writing so that it is visible in your pages.

o The fourth stage is to determine how you will define your audience and the reason for choosing your market segment to target. As much as possible, base your content on the marketing goals you have set for your company.

It will be important that you put these stages into action so that you will reap the rewards of the benefits associated with these stages. Once your marketing goals are set, the content marketing process will focus on building a strategy, developing the content and getting it to your target audience.

One important thing to remember when you are using these stages in your content marketing process is that your audience should be identified as early as possible. You cannot find out about a person or group of people (such as your customers) unless you know exactly who they are. Hence, identifying your audience is very important.

Content marketing works best when it is developed from the bottom up. This means that when you identify your audience and content audience, you need to work on them in each phase of the process.

When you are looking for keywords to use in your content, find out what other sites they are appearing on. Make sure that your content will be interesting enough to attract people to your site, but also find out which words will be the most relevant to your audience. So do not use obscure keywords that nobody will ever use in the future.

Once you have developed your content, build a landing page that includes information on your products or services, your business and what you hope to achieve by getting more potential customers. The landing page is the most critical part of the content marketing process.

The content should be dynamic and interactive. You do not want people to have to click on your website in order to get the information they want. So, take advantage of article marketing to give people more reasons to visit your website.

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