The Life Story of SEO Dong Hyun


From where SEO Dong Hyun began in his life, he was a local runner who dreamed of earning big by pursuing a career in the marketing field. But life happened unexpectedly and he decided to quit his job and pursue his dream.

seo dong hyun

At the age of eighteen, Dong Hyun enrolled in a college to study business management but eventually dropped out in his first year due to financial constraints. Instead, he worked as a runner to earn enough money to support his expenses for a few months and at the same time start his own internet marketing business.

It took him two years to develop his internet marketing skills but eventually realized that what he had learned was not for him. As such, he gave up on his dreams and vowed to never to pursue a career in internet marketing. “I want to become a better person and I want to have a family someday. It’s just that, I’m not in a good mood now and I’m scared of going back to school again.

He worked for a few months in a call center but that was not the same as what he had imagined when he came to this world. He felt hopeless and lost, but also realized that he had to continue his studies if he wanted to earn a degree in his field.

In the meantime, he met his soul mate, Park Mi-won, who became his mentor in the internet marketing business. They worked together in the marketing department of a printing company and they eventually joined the same company as a team.

For the next three years, they worked hard and put a lot of efforts to create a successful internet marketing business. However, after the third year, Dong Hyun became frustrated and fell sick of the dead end job he was doing in the printing company.

SEO Dong Hyun decided to do a little research on what he really wanted in life. He realized that he wanted to be a sports writer and after studying the sports industry, he decided to write about it for his college newspaper.

However, it didn’t take long before Dong Hyun was making a lot of money writing articles for the paper. However, during this time, he discovered that he was most comfortable in marketing and sales.

In fact, he became so successful that his boss asked him to start a marketing department. His boss was concerned about the quality of his writing and his love for marketing.

At this point, Dong Hyun was very depressed and decided to leave his job in order to dedicate himself to writing full time. He began to work as a marketing writer at a huge company for four years until he graduated from college.

During this time, he worked as a copywriter, copy editor, and layout designer at a big advertising agency. He then went on to become a freelance copywriter, ad writer, and graphic designer until he earned his degree.

By the time Dong Hyun finished his degree, he realized that he still loved to do things that required creativity and to stay creative, he decided to pursue the internet marketing business. Now, he owns a number of websites that range from E-commerce sites to an online call center where he can assist in marketing and sales of different products and services.

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