The use of RSS feeds, videos and external links helps the internet users in making sense of the information. The search engine optimization should be performed on the content and the internal structure of the website. The SEO audit includes all the elements, which are essential to conduct a well optimized website. Important Things to Look For With a SEO Audit


The SEO audit is a summary of the client’s website. It contains all the information, the experts want to have in order to be able to perform their tasks in the best way possible.

There are some of the major points that the experts include in such audit. They are the internal and external links, the keywords used by the users, the building of the internal structure of the website, all these are taken into account to see the possibility of improving the performance of the website. These include the algorithms applied by the search engines, as well as the categorization of the pages, the back linking system, the use of internal web design and internal web development, the article submission system and the automated systems used by the company.

The audit also include the content and the pages which are necessary for the search engine optimization. This is to make sure that the company uses relevant, keyword rich and quality content for the clients. It is important that the content must also contain keywords which are not confusing and need less time to get a good ranking.

The external linkages should be checked out. All links should be checked on the client’s SEO audit, including the ones from external sites. The linkages should be used for a long time for the better ranking. If there are no problems found, then the SEO audit must be continued.

The search engine optimization is conducted for the high traffic pages and the contents. So the content that is created must be updated at least once every month, according to the SEO criteria. This is necessary to increase the ranking.

Content has two sides: the first one is the technical content and the second one is the editorial content. The latter does not contain any of the technical elements but instead it contains useful and important information which is not so technical. Thesecan be re-purposed in the form of content marketing.

The keywords used in the search engine optimization should be included in the content to increase the popularity. The content must contain such a relevant keyword that users will not miss it. The keywords can be incorporated in the title, first and last line, in the resource box and in the body of the page.

A detailed look of the internal structure of the website is essential for the performance of the optimization. The structure of the pages is checked for keywords that are used frequently and in a very low ratio. If they are not used enough then the performance of the internal structures will be downgraded.

In addition, the linkages between the internal structure should be examined. The links should be from content-rich pages to informational pages, this improves the indexing ratio. In order to have a better rank, the user should feel that the page he is going to is helpful and relevant.

The building of the internal structure is done through the application of CMS and web development. It includes the coding and the redesigning of the content. Such an audit must include the internal structure because the internal structure is what SEO experts focus in.

It is vital that the links to the internal structure are used only to provide the necessary information to the users. As a result, the linkages to the internal structure should be made using proper SEO criteria. This way, the internal structure is available to the users without using the external links.

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