Top of the Content Marketing Pyramid – Get Into the Marketing Flow

The process of learning how to get to the top of the pyramid is one that is essential in the sales funnel of any business. Once the customer reaches this point, he or she is very likely to be converted into a sale.

the content marketing pyramid

Getting to the top of the sales funnel starts with knowledge and skill. These skills may start with knowing what to write and then when the time comes to write, the skills will translate into the ability to write content and then to make it available for distribution.

After knowing what to write, and then publishing it to the website for the purpose of getting it out there, a company can focus on how to present that information so that the audience has their own vision of the product and how they would like to buy it. Getting to the top of the pyramid can take more than knowledge of the product.

If there is only one vision, and the company’s efforts are to just promote that one vision and market the products under that one vision, then the company is not likely to convert prospects into customers. There is nothing wrong with being able to market two or three different ideas.

However, if there are more than two or three different types of products, or if the company does not offer products that sell themselves, then the message that it is sending its prospect is that it cannot possibly be able to provide what the prospect wants. In other words, it is a formula that has been used before and it is a formula that just does not work.

In fact, once a prospect decides that the first formula that it found that worked for it is not going to work for him or her, then the prospect is likely to look elsewhere. When the conversion rate is low, then the formula is probably not going to be successful at converting the first customer.

If a product does not sell itself and no one is making a profit, then a good idea is to drop it, as the customer is not likely to purchase it anyway. This is especially true of a product that was targeted to a specific group.

Changing the formula and targeting another group will work much better, because the formula is one that targets a group that will buy the product. Once a sale is made, the company will see the benefits of using the new formula.

A change in the formula can make it easier to sell as well. If there is more than one message on the same product or if the formula changes, then the message changes as well.

When this happens, then the prospect knows that the message that was on the product is now divided up between the different messages. Then the same idea applies to the service that is offered.

If a company offers different services, then a good idea is to have a message or concept for the service on the same product. When the message is not the same across the board, then the chances of that message being effective is increased.

A good strategy is to make the big changes in a series of small changes. When the company can offer multiple products and services to the consumer, then they are increasing the chances of the message being effective.

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