What Is SEO P Tagging?


seo p tag

SEO P tag is often confused with SEO service tag. They’re two very different things. Here’s why.

SEO P tag and SEO service tag are often used interchangeably. It’s not uncommon to see an SEO company offering a SEO service, which includes SEO P tag. While they sound similar, they’re actually completely different.

A provider of SEO services who includes a search engine optimization tool called “Search Engine Optimization” (SEO) in their SEO package is not giving you SEO P tag. While the terms sound similar, they represent two entirely different SEO techniques.

The search engine optimization strategy and the strategy to get organic search traffic are two totally different concepts. SEO P tag doesn’t give you what SEO services do, SEO service does. It’s a tool to help you rank higher in search engines so that your website or blog will be visible to potential customers.

The tool itself does not make your website or blog look better than others. It doesn’t magically make your website or blog appear at the top of the search engine results page. You can’t improve your ranking simply by using a tool like SEO P tag. Search engine results are the result of a complex algorithm created by a group of experts who make the rules.

Because search engines rely on the opinions of other webmasters, tools like SEO P tag are intended to improve rankings of the websites listed on Google, Yahoo, and Bing. That’s what they do. In addition, this technique does not work on the back-end.

You cannot get a site to the top of Google and Yahoo if other sites have it first. You cannot get a site to the top of Bing if other sites have it first.

The way SEO P tag works is very different from the way other SEO methods work. Google spiders crawl websites and gather content and listings for the major search engines. All content, whether it’s comments, text, or images, is treated as incoming links.

The more incoming links that Google has, the higher up the page it ranks. To rank high enough to show up in the search engine results page, these spiders need to find sites that have similar content. If you have several similar sites with good content, Google has no problem finding them and ranking them all high in the search engine results.

So, there’s nothing wrong with providing search engine optimization services. You may want to include a link at the bottom of your blog post. But when you offer SEO P tag or any other SEO technique, you’re offering a tool that will improve your page ranking, which is a technical term for improving your page rank.

Any SEO service provider offering a SEO package with SEO P tag is just wasting your time. Their SEO P tag tool isn’t going to help you get better rankings. You can’t improve your page rank by changing how a tool works.

Google, Yahoo, and Bing don’t care what your SEO technique is called. You can’t make your SEO P tag a tool that improves rankings if you don’t want it to.

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