What You Should Know About Your Content Marketing Manager Salary

A good content marketing manager salary should be negotiated annually. As you may already know, negotiating a high-paying content marketing position can take some time, and in any case, for many positions this is an element of necessity rather than a means to an end.

content marketing manager salary

So, what can you negotiate? Well, what you would usually want to discuss are salary, bonus, vacation, and equity. Of course, some are more important than others and it’s important to remember that, once again, this is really an option that depends on the specific company.

When the pay and benefits for your position include both Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Content Marketing Management (CM), the list of things you can bargain for just expands dramatically. You can negotiate for a greater SEO budget, for example, or a higher salary. Some companies even allow that, in order to remain competitive, they will go after higher bonuses for people who are at the top of their industry, for instance.

As a matter of fact, if you perform SEO and CM for the same company, you may end up getting a pay cut because you would then be the one being promoted and more qualified for a higher position. In the same way, if you’re being promoted into a CM position, your SEO income could be a major constraint on your earning power. At the same time, it would not hurt if you can also negotiate for a pay raise.

If the company has a major emphasis on total sales, including digital, that’s probably the most important thing that they’ll look at when determining the overall income of the business. They’ll need to see how much money they’re spending on content marketing as well as SEO, and how much is being left for payroll.

For any new employee at any company, it’s highly recommended that they learn a little about the company’s actual level of cash flow and then ask about any income questions they have. After all, everyone knows that having more money coming in is a good thing, but if your pay isn’t changing at all, then there’s nothing to show for it.

Content Marketing Manager salaries may vary from company to company. The main question most people have is how to determine what a Content Marketing Manager salary should be at any given company. If the company has a general look at the “wage income” of the workforce, they can usually give you some idea of the range of pay.

There’s no harm in asking, though. It may be a good idea to begin by knowing a little bit about the company before asking too many questions about salaries.

Some companies even pay an executive level consultant to help you determine your compensation. While some may not think it’s necessary, it’s actually better to have the total package, including your part in creating the content that is driving the conversions, than to get paid a single lump sum.

Content Marketing Manager salaries can also vary depending on where you live, as well as who else you work with. If you are at a relatively new company, that’s probably the only information you’re going to have on that.

Content Marketing Manager salaries are probably not going to change dramatically as long as you’re comfortable with the company, your job, and your future at the company. You should always remember that making a content marketing position your first choice is extremely important, and if you’re able to make the right choices, your salary will not only improve, but stay high as well.

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