Why Marketing is the Three P’s of Content Marketing


Three P’s of Content Marketing: “Pay Per Post”, “Display Ads”, and “Article Marketing”. This is the short version of the full set of elements required to create an online business. It is also what drives the big boys to become involved in online business.

three ps of content marketing

The problem is, we all know that we can’t publish unique content as often as we would like. We get frustrated by the sky-high costs of Internet publishing and we lose all of our best work because we have to post it over again.

As a result, content is lost, money goes down, and we suffer. But, there is hope for the content novice.

You can start small and build up from there. By learning the three P’s of Content Marketing, you can market your business on a regular basis while allowing yourself time to enjoy life more and get rid of some of the frustrations you are facing with Internet publishing.

Pay Per Post. Get the word out about your business. Your content marketing efforts can be much more effective if you have a Pay Per Post option.

Display Ads. You can even get paid for posting and then promoting your articles. The best part is, you don’t even have to worry about how they appear on your site.

Articles. If you write the articles yourself, you don’t have to worry about the costs associated with it.

Article Marketing. You can put out quality articles, including your keyword rich content, and get paid for the exposure your articles to give to your business.

Uptime and Credibility. Your articles don’t have to be a hundred words to be truly valuable.

EzineArticles.com has given me the opportunity to share valuable information with my clients. I am able to spread my knowledge far and wide without having to waste time writing each and every article.

These sites, along with others, are providing you with the tools you need to run successful, consistent, long-term marketing campaigns. If you need more help, just visit my website to learn how you can start now.

There is no need to spend thousands of dollars on advertising or wait weeks for the results. With the help of the three P’s of Content Marketing, you can have your content out there quickly and easily, while still maintaining your business’ long-term viability.

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